VIEW and RECORD CCTV video of YOUR property, fields, vineyards, parking areas, garages, building sites, holdings, quarries or ANYWHERE else, no matter how isolated, for complete SECURITY and peace-of-mind, at an all-inclusive monthly subscription


Surveillance Anywhere

You can watch FIELDS, a BUILDING SITE, an UNOCCUPIED BUILDING, outlying GARAGES, VINEYARDS, QUARRIES, HOLDINGS or anywhere else, no matter how remote the location may be without having to purchase a camera or recording equipment.

We take care of the camera, its communication link, management software and recording. Even if you don’t have power at the camera location, we can take care of that too.

All you need is an internet connected phone, tablet or PC to view the live video feed or previous recordings.

With AnyView all is taken care of:

  • No maintenance of remote equipment;
  • No need for a fixed or Wi-Fi communication infrastructure at the recording location;
  • High definition camera enabling the identification of faces, necessary for legal proceedings;
  • All recording software and storage included;
  • No recording device on-site to go wrong or be stolen, taking the recordings away;
  • Monitoring of camera and image quality to minimise interruptions in service;
  • Faults through normal use shall be rectified at no cost.

How Does It Work?

We will set up one or more mega-pixel IP-cameras (greater than HD resolution), install the cameras at the location either against a wall or on a pole and will configure everything. If you don’t have access to mains power, then we can also install a solar-power system, providing power for the cameras, allowing them to operate for many days even in dull, wintery conditions.

Using a cloud-based service, you will have access to a live feed from the camera anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. You will be able to view any recording from the cameras for up to 30 days. You can also easily export any recording clips to your computer, tablet or phone.


One Inclusive Price

AnyView can be yours for just a single monthly payment and nothing else.

The service starts from €69 per month excluding VAT for a single camera in any location, €53 per month excluding VAT per camera for two cameras at a single location and €46 per month excluding VAT per camera for three cameras at a single location.

Extras such as a pole or solar power are charged as required and will be quoted for according to site requirements.

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What is Included

Included in the price, AnyView is responsible for:

  • Provision of a 3MP IP-camera and 4G communications equipment;
  • Subscription to a data service;
  • Subscription to a live view and recording service;
  • Initial installation of the camera and communications equipment at site;
  • Setup of all systems and the provision of login and password credentials for the service;
  • Maintenance of equipment to ensure proper operation;
  • Repair of any damage caused by product failure during normal use.

What is Not Included

You are  responsible for:

  • Suitable continuous power supply and the cost of the power (unless you have purchased the solar option);
  • The cost of any repairs required due to malicious damage or other acts of vandalism;
  • Any cleaning of the lens which may be required due to dirt build-up.


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: How long are the recordings retained?

A: For up to 30-days.


Q: As the recordings are stored elsewhere, are they private?

A: Your recordings can only be seen using your Login and Password. In our ongoing monitoring of camera performance, we have the ability to view the camera’s live feed (not the recordings).


Q: Can I put a camera anywhere?

A: 99% of locations in Malta, Comino and Gozo are covered. However the law restricts you from viewing public places. Please consult us for advise on area specific questions.


Q: I have no place to fix the camera in the location I want?

A: We would be more than pleased to mount the camera on a suitable pole, which we can supply and fix securely. The cost of the pole and installation is not included and will be quoted for. The pole remains yours if you decide to terminate the service.


Q: I have no power supply available at the camera location?

A: We would be more than pleased to provide a solar powered solution. This consists of a suitably sized solar panel, battery and all mounting equipment. This solution will provide power for the camera from the solar panel by day and the battery will offer 12+ hours of operation without any charging. All equipment used for solar power is purchased by you and remains yours if you decide to terminate the service.


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